Frilled Sharks are deep-water eel-like sharks that reach lengths up to 2 m. The Frilled Shark is considered a living fossil because it exhibits the same features for the last 80 million years! It has one of the most ancient lineages among all shark species and in its family, it is only one of two species that are alive today. This shark is seldomly seen because it lives near the bottom of the ocean. Check out this video to see the shark in action off the coast of Japan!

With its elongated, eel-like body and strange appearance, the frilled shark has long been likened to the mythical sea serpent. They also have a very long jaw that allows them to swallow whole their prey over one-half its size. Their diet normally consists of squid, octopus, bony fish and other smaller species of sharks. This diet does suggest that this deep-water shark approaches the surface at night to feed.

These sharks are generally not fished. They are more likely to be bycatched by fisheries. Therefore, the IUCN Red List lists the Frilled Shark as  Near Threatened (NT).

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