The Aquarium Society of Alberta has been nominated as a finalist in the Phillips Brewing Company’s charity program Benefit Brew. Each year finalists are selected to run against each other in a contest where most votes wins. The prize? A custom brew creation and label, and the proceeds of sales from the benefit brew.

We are thrilled and grateful to be selected this year as one of the nominees. Voting opens Friday January 25 and runs until Friday February 1. From the Phillips Brewing Co.:

“We make beer, and we want to use our powers of craft beer creation for good! A few years back we decided that an awesome way to do this would be to create a special beer for a charity, name the beer after the cause and donate the proceeds—the charity receives some much-needed support, and we get to brew a fun new beer! However we quickly ran into a problem: there are just way too many deserving causes for us to simply choose one. To solve our conundrum we put it out to the community to tell us who they wanted to support and the Benefit Brew was born!”

Starting January 25, visit, click on Alberta, then find the Aquarium Society of Alberta and click on it to vote. Vote every day for the 7 days, 1 vote per computer per day is the rule.

If the Aquarium Society is the winner, proceeds will be going to support programming development and implementation in the Conservation and Education divisions of the Project. Also, know that there will be a party too!

Schedule reminders into your phone, into your computer. Share this with your friends & family, co-workers & social media circles.

Thank you for your support.