The Aquatic Biosphere Project is excited to announce the recent acquisition of our first trailer of our Water Trails Project, one we are dubbing ‘The Minnow’.

A 6 x10 cargo trailer was purchased with the assistance of a grant from the Alberta Conservation Association and is now preparing to undergo modifications to get it ready to hit the road this fall.

The Water Trails Project

The concept of Water Trails is to contain the four cornerstones of the Aquatic Biosphere Project into one outreach vehicle: Education, Conservation, Research, and Observation. This roving outreach facility will provide a portal to understanding of our most precious resource and an oft overlooked ecosystem in which we play, swim, fish, hunt, and survive. Its critical importance can be understood through developing a connection via projects like this. As a flexibility in informational display, this vehicle will be designed to adapt the content of the display to wherever it travels to. 

The Minnow is the first vehicle of a series of planned trailers and vehicles. A smaller unit, easily towed is being outfitted for mobile conservation field studies & research, and will be convertible to a mobile public exhibit station for use at events, festivals and schools.

Its first field use will be the mobile station for the Prussian Carp study, investigating the spread of the invasive Prussian Carp with eyes-on data utilizing the OpenROV Trident underwater drone granted to the Society through National Geographic’s S.E.E. Initiative. You can read more about that study on our Open Explorer page.

The completed trailer will feature a display window in the side and full body graphic wrap making it visible and fun.


The Aquarium Society of Alberta is grateful to the Alberta Conservation Association for the grant provided to create this project. Their funding support has allowed for the purchase of the trailer and its custom modifications.


Sponsor support is still needed to help cover operational costs and supplies. Logo placement on the trailer is available that will be seen by upwards of 1.1M people per year based on current activity planning starting Q4 2019. If conservation, education or environmental support is in your focal mandate, please contact Lee for more details.


The Minnow will be available for events and bookings Q4 2019. If you are interested to learn more about the trailer for an upcoming event please contact us or phone 780.851.9188.