Oh little Quiltafish we are so excited for you! Not only your public debut, but also the first Fish to ever drop the ceremonial puck in the Edmonton Oil Kings history. Something Rogers Place hasn’t seen the like of.

This is just the beginning for you!

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Story of the Quiltafish: Humble Beginnings

Quiltafish was found and adopted from a hallowe’en rack in a local second hand shop in 2011. Although a bit worse for wear and looking very forlorn, it was love at first sight and purchased without hesitation to come home to a new family. After that, Quiltafish celebrated several hallowe’eens, but otherwise languished in the family ‘tickle trunk’ until 2017 when the Alberta Aquarium took it in, cleaned it up, and gave it new purpose. We hope that someday this unique character will find another one of its species. In the meantime this rare creature remains in the loving care of its new Aquarium family.