“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” – John Dewey

At the heart of the Aquatic Biosphere Project is education. It is hardcoded into our mission and we believe it is the single most important tool that society has to offer anyone of any age.

Each cornerstone of the Aquatic Biosphere has education and knowledge in its roots. Programs for pre-schoolers, primary and secondary graders, post-secondary, graduate, and beyond. People who never finished school, people with Ph.D.’s will all find something to discover.

Whether here in the Aquatic Biosphere or with one of our allies or partners, locally or distant, access is an aspect of the project’s development.

Are in you an educator, a tutor or a mentor? Do you work with children, youth, seniors, adult education, work with people who have special needs or disabilities?  Consider volunteering with us. Hands on programming or advisory, developing content, or guiding outreach strategies. There are many roles the need to be filled.

Join the Wave

Learn more about becoming a volunteer here. Can’t volunteer but still want to support these efforts? Consider a donation. The Aquarium Society of Alberta is a Federally registered charity and all cash donations receive tax receipts.