Conservation Aquarium

The story of water is our story, it is the story of our world.

All life depends on it, all life is composed with it. Without water there is no life on earth.

Explore that story at the new Aquarium, starting with our own water origins here in Alberta, in the glaciers of the Rocky Mountains. Trace the path of a single snowflake as it melts from the glacier and into the rivers. Travelling across the Prairies you’ll discover the life that lives in, on, and around our streams, rivers and lakes.

You will explore the forces of water that created the landscapes we know today, from the ancient seas that once covered us, to the glaciers that formed much of our landscapes today. As you follow that little drop of snow, you’ll find yourself in the Arctic Ocean, exploring that vast space of water and ice and fantastic creatures.

From the Arctic, you’ll trace the path of water, flowing with the currents through the Atlantic Ocean to around the world, until you find yourself in the Pacific Ocean, along the west coast where air currents will pick up that drop of snow as rain, to move across the mountains and return to the glacier as snow once more.

In your journey you will explore our watersheds and oceans, meet animals of the deep and of the shore. Learn about the impact of water and the complex relationship of humanity with water. You will see where we are now, and where we can be. In a combined use of live exhibits, technology, visual displays and hands-on exploration, you will discover aspects of the planet you never knew existed. Meet animals you never dreamed could be. Understand the complex inter-relationships life requires for healthy ecosystems.

Sounds exciting! What else?

The Aquatic Biosphere’s conservation aquarium will be a unique experience for any visitor, near or far. From below-the-surface exhibits to walking through lush gardens, immersive movie theatre and serenity rooms, there will be much to discover, to learn, and to enjoy.

More than that, you’ll see sustainability innovations, research and systems that can  be employ in daily life to reduce environmental footprint impacts on our water systems, you’ll explore hydroponics and aquaculture as food production sources into the future. Explore what is happening in the world currently and how individuals can – and do – make an impact.

What about services?

Plans to ensure full accessibility, children’s play areas, family rooms for feeding and toileting are in the works, as well as rest areas, food services, stroller rentals, and audio guide rentals.  Specialized programming, tours, behind-the-scenes opportunities, theme nights, sleep-overs, biologist talks, travelling exhibits, … well, let’s just say that once you walk in, the experience will be yours to create.

Join the Wave

We are just getting warmed up. Join us show your support for an exceptional Project that provides access to water knowledge like no other other facility in Canada.