Environmental Hub

A Conservation Community

Innovation focus and incubators have long garnered the support and attention of technology industries, but this is the tip of the iceberg. Using the same structure and support mechanisms, this model is transformed within the global environmental industry. From tools and systems for environmental protection, conservation, remediation, and damage recovery, this incubator construct is ripe for enabling environmental impact within a tightly networked community.

The Environmental Hub will be providing people in the environmental sector with the spaces, tools, resources and connections they need to succeed. By bringing these organizations together in this way, we look to accelerate their success and amplify their impact through the power of co-working, community and collaboration.

The Hub will not only feature co-working space for a variety of uses, but will have available experts to assist in developing project ideas, financing and implementation. Innovators and creators often work alone without much assistance, resulting in great ideas being left to the wayside. The Hub will be a game changer for environmental innovation.

  • Co-Working Space: available as open temporary workspaces to affordable small office spaces, this environment is rapidly gaining attention and favour. For travelling professionals in need of space to non-profit groups and innovators, the flexibility of use matched with the opportunity to engage with others of shared values makes it an enriching and productive space to develop.
  • Collaborative Impact: shared spaces and areas for facilitated discussions of common goals means each group or individual has access to others to bounce ideas around, discover alliances on specific projects and magnify the overall impact of their projects.
  •  Innovation Incubator Support: taking an active role in incubating select projects in conjunction with accessibility to the Research Institute labs with business support and implementation from a focused culture of environmental benefit.
  • Community: creating a new, highly focused community of like-minded individuals that work to develop ideas and concepts into workable tools and solutions for global impact.

Join the Wave

If you are part of an organization that would like to be a part of this Hub, please contact us.