Board Director
Brief info

An entrepreneur and avid naturalist, Lee works closely with the Aquatic Biosphere Project on project management & development, education outreach, community engagement, and as chief water-bug collector.

Lee started his love of all things water at an early age. Growing up in the Kootenays, British Columbia, Canada, there always was a deep fascination with anything below the surface. Whether it was the deep, dark Arrow lake, the salty, vibrant, Pacific Coast or the shallower lakes of Tigerlilly, Alberta, this seemingly alien environment prompted investigation. After creating his own disastrous homemade dive apparatus, the drive to understand the aquatic system kicked into high gear.

Fast forward through time exploring the Northwest Territories, and the West Coast, Lee spent four years on the board of directors for the Alberta Underwater Council, and eventually found a home as a director of the Alberta Aquarium Society. Here he plans to marry his natural and business interests to help build a legacy project for many future generations. Currently a mature student at MacEwan University’s Bachelor of Commerce Program with a background in Earth Sciences, Lee’s never ending curiosity and determination allows for out of the box thinking and creative problem solving for the benefit of the project.

Lee is in charge of several educational program initiatives for the Aquatic Biosphere. If you are interested in school-based program development, reach out to Lee.