The Aquatic Biosphere is pleased to welcome four students and recent graduates to join the Aquarium Society of Alberta’s Youth Board. From September to May, Andres, Anita, Anna and Sophie will be joining our Board to get first hand experience at how boards work. They will participate in meetings and ongoing projects, learn basic non-profit governance, and will work on a small project for a year end presentation.

We are a placement organisation with Volunteer Alberta’s Youth at the Table program and the University of Alberta’s Non Profit Board Internship program to help support these initiatives. The participants get real life experience and exposure to the charitable sector, while being mentored by the Board throughout the year.

The Aquatic Biosphere has hosted and developed students as Junior Directors for the last two years, but with a single placement each year. We are delighted that one of the previous participants, Arie De Jong,  is now leading this year’s Youth Board and is also a full Director on the Board.

Our mission is rooted in education, general knowledge and the environment. Initiatives like these support that mission, and work to support students as they transition from studies to careers. For more information about becoming a participant or a hosting organisation, please visit: